Zeinab Farghaly Mohamed Abdel Kader

Assistant Chairman

Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry and more than 26 years of experience with qualified management skills and strong technical capabilities. She is the team leader for all quality, environment and safety internal audits in PETROSAFE. She has an extensive experience in the field of quality control in the company. She worked as Quality, Planning & Follow-up G.M. for 9 years, Assistant G.M. for 3 years and Manager for 1 year. During her years of experience as a General Manager, she was also working as Supervisor of General Management of the Environment. She also worked in EEAA as Technical Coordinator, CEO and in the Organization for Energy Planning as a Researcher.

Dr. Farghaly has fulfilled several achievements in PETROSAFE. She was in charge of developing & maintaining planning & follow-up systems, quality management systems and safety & environmental management systems of the company. She was also in charge of developing the management systems of the oil spill marine and Nile combating centers owned by EGPC and managed by PETROSAFE. Moreover, she was responsible for updating the quality management system and the quality & environmental management system. Furthermore, she was supervising the quality control activities for all company products, the formulation of the yearly objectives and business plans of the company, the environmental activities carried out within the general management of the environmental department, HSE activities within the marketing department and finally the board secretariat of the company. She is the management representative against the international organizations.


During her extensive years of experience, Dr. Farghaly organized different conferences, workshops and training courses for specialists and public in order to increase the awareness and build national capabilities in the fields of energy and environment. She also organized different campaigns and conferences for promoting HSEQ issues within the petroleum sector.

In order to enhance her specialized skills, she participated in different local and international training programs such as computer, management systems, environment, energy, safety, programs management and quality systems. Moreover, she attended “LEAD course for petroleum sector leaders” organized by Oil & Gas Skills Company. She also, participated in international conferences as Egyptian delegate.


Dr. Faghaly has many publications in the fields of environment, energy and chemistry in local and international magazines and journals. She leads many international projects in the fields of environment and energy.


She was also the coordinator of National Climate Change Committee during the period of 1995-2002. She, also, participated in media and increasing awareness through the preparation and presentation of TV Program and media articles about energy and environment.


Furthermore, she performed different lectures for postgraduate studies in the field of energy, environment and management systems.


Finally, Dr. Farghaly is a member in Arabic Union for Specialized Women (Vice President – Energy Sector).