Ayman Abdel Hafez-_edited.jpg

Ayman Ahmed Ibrahim Abdel Hafez

Assistant Chairman - Business Development and Proposals & Contracts Department

Postgraduate Diploma in Cost Accounting with more than 30 years of experience with strong management skills and outstanding business capabilities, together with an extensive academic experience. Mr. Abdel Hafez has completed several professional courses, including “Applied Accounting” at AUC, “Petroleum Accounting & Economics” in Houston - USA, “Advanced Petroleum Accounting & Economics” in North Texas University - Dallas - USA.

During his practical experience, he has worked as an Assistant Chairman for Financial Affairs in PMS for 2 years, Assistant Chairman & Member of Board of Directors in Marina Petroleum Company for 1 year and as a CFO and Member of Board of Directors in Suez Safety Outfitters “SSO” for 6 years. Earlier, he was working in PETROSAFE for more than 10 years. Throughout this period, he worked as Financial General Manager and Member of Board of Directors for 4 years, Financial Section Manager for 4 years and Financial Department Manager for 2 years. Previously, Mr. Abdel Hafez worked in EGPC as a Financial Analysis Section Head for 2 years and Accountant in Financial Department Cost Management Section for 8 years.